Job Detail: AFM Specialist/Developer | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

AFM Specialist/Developer | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Atomic Force Microscopy Specialist/Developer
  • Full-time
  • Senior
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • English
  • 2019-09-06

Are you ready to be the one who will start a scientific revolution? If yes, then this job is made for you...


As an AFM Specialist/Developer you will:

  1. Development of AFM technologies and hardware for applications in semiconductor metrology.
  2. Research and development (R&D) of the next generation AFM systems for metrology applications.
  3. Recommend design changes or substitution of materials when appropriate.
  4. you will apply your experience and knowledge about the physics of tip-sample interaction, dynamics of the AFM cantilever, optical beam deflection, closed loop control of AFM, various scanning modes (Tapping mode (AM mode) frequency modulation (FM mode), force-distance measurement, electrical measurement, nanomechanical measurements).
  5. Translate the customer needs in metrology to recipes for AFM measurement.
  6. Recommend design changes or substitution of materials when appropriate.
  7. Advise users of appropriate actions to correct malfunctions and may recommend changes in user procedures.
  8. Close/regular contact with the customer. You’ll answer questions and assist them in a professional manner.
  9. In this role you will travel for about 10 percent of your time and You will report directly to the CTO.


You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the most creative minds in science and  technology to develop a revolutionary high throughput atomic force microscopy a system enabling atom-scale resolution 3D metrology at industry-level throughput, based on three pillars:

  • Unrivaled measurement speed;
  • Parallelization capability;
  • Advanced measurement modes.

You will develop a revolutionary machine which will certainly be a turning point for the future of science.


  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Physics or Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on mechatronic systems (preferred) / mechanics / kinematics / dynamics /opto-mechanics is required or equivalent experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience as an AFM expert in a complex working environment
  • Experience in the field of semiconductor equipment.
  • Experience in analyzing applicability, accuracy and adherence to design specifications;
  • Generated models or simulations to analyze expected AFM performance, and have lead a multidisciplinary team to an optimal solution;
  • An understanding of the semiconductor industry and the challenges this industry faces in the area of nano-metrology and nano-manufacturing;
  • Knowledge of how to build a nanoscale instruments such as an AFM or SPM and the physics behind the working of such instruments;
  • Prepared written technical reports on an independent basis;
  • Experience in measurement analysis;
  • Experience in the following areas : sub-nanometer AFM metrology / tuning for closed loop control of AFM, MATLAB / Simulink
  • Experience working in a multi-disciplinary engineering environment, with suppliers and co-developers, to ensure timely realization of competitive, high precision, complex components and assemblies;

  • Experience in the design and realization of test setups, and in the design and execution of complex experiments;

  • Experience in the following areas : sub-nanometer AFM metrology / tuning for closed loop control of AFM, MATLAB / Simulink
    Quality orientation;

  • Be able to quickly acquire technical knowledge from documentation and on-the-job training, and be capable of thoroughly investigating technical issues (analytically and hands-on in a lab environment);

  • Be willing to own the module performance, and support the entire product life-cycle (development through sustaining engineering);

  • Good command of the English language, both written and spoken.


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