Job Detail: Senior Machine Control Software Engineer | Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Senior Machine Control Software Engineer | Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Software Engineer
  • Full-time
  • Intermediate | Senior
  • Veldhoven, The Netherlands
  • English
  • 2020-09-02

Cross Border Talents is looking for experienced C++ software developers to fill the position of Senior Machine Control Software Engineer with our client in Veldhoven, Netherlands.


In this role you contribute to one of the core functions of our client machines and to work on how they are controlled by other systems and by the operators. You will collaborate with users on the design of the functionality you work on and on how they would like the system to work. You will write clean, high quality and maintainable OO code, mainly in C++, and have exposure to MDE concept.



  • Be responsible for creating clear software specifications from functional specifications, breaking up complex functionality in smaller parts, and leading your colleagues in the implementation.
  • Be required to make efficient design choices but also to ‘make it happen' by contributing to the implementation and testing of that design.
  • Use C++, Python, object-oriented design programming, and Linux within a highly complex embedded environment.
  • Work with modeling tools for complex state machines, such as ASD or CoCo.
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment, involving physics, mechatronics, customer support, and factory departments.
  • Collaborate with other system functions to align on the overall machine control design for the source system.
  • Explain complex challenges and guide your colleagues in the implementation of the smaller parts that you identified.




  • Servers, network-connected devices and their OS’s (e.g. Windows, Linux, VMware);
  • Workplaces (e.g. laptop, desktop, VDI’s, Citrix);
  • Active Directory (AD);
  • Mobile device management (e.g. tablets, mobiles) security and mobile app security;
  • Office automation devices (e.g. laptops, printers);
  • Unified communication (e.g. telephony/VoiP/videoconferencing);
  • Support pentests and computer forensics.




  • Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in Computer Science, Informatics, or equivalent.


  • Between 4-8 years of experience in large-scale software applications.
  • Experience with deriving software requirements from functional designs.
  • Experience with software decomposition
  • Experience with leading software engineers.
  • Key competencies for this role are Unix/Linux, C++, UML, MDE, troubleshooting.
  • Java and QT experience is a plus.
  • Solid software engineering knowledge: UML, OOP, design patterns, interface based design.
  • Experience in an Agile environment using SAFe/Scrum
  • Familiar with large SW base and tools like Git or SVN and with continuous integration tools and concepts.
  • Knowledgeable in testing processes (e.g. Unit testing, Robot Framework).
  • Experience with ASD, CoCo or similar MDE tools would be advantageous.

Personal skills

  • You are seeking to work in a challenging department.
  • You are quality-driven and you are looking for an environment where your technical skills will be enhanced and your ideas will be put to the test.
  • You are not afraid to debate technical aspects within the team because you know that we will always choose the best solution.
  • You are a team player, and you gain energy by cooperating & mentoring colleagues to tackle complex design challenges together.
  • You want to be a part of a dynamic and challenging environment that leaves no room for errors in the live environment.
  • You are passionate about technology and you would like be a part of our teams who are building large scale applications for large machines which in their turn, have a global impact.



  1. Competitive salary based on your experience;
  2. One year contract-to-hire employment;
  3. 30% tax ruling;
  4. 26 holiday days;
  5. Relocation help;
  6. Dutch courses.

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