Job Detail: Site Manager | Antwerp, Belgium

Site Manager | Antwerp, Belgium

Site Manager
  • Full-time
  • Senior
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • English
  • 2019-06-27

Cross Border Talents is recruiting a Site Manager to join one of our Clients in Antwerp, Germany.

The site manager is the legal Manager of our client on the site. It ensures the supervision of our client teams and all direct or indirect subcontractors on the client's worksites and the relations/coordination with the client. It is the interface between the project team/client.

Responsibilities as the Site Manager:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Participation in the coordination meetings with the client and the customer's subcontractor
  • Organization and facilitation of coordination meetings/Information with the site team et the subcontractors of our client
  • Applications and compliance with safety rules defined
  • Assure the availability of all the technical and management files used by the site staff to ensure correct conduct of sites' activities
  • Responsible for the final assembly qualities of the equipment in their performance
  • Update and send progress/status reports to the project team regarding the situation on the site, the construction of equipment, the start-up or operating situations, the performance of the equipment, problems and their origin
  • Verifies final compliance with respect to safety, standards, performance, technical conditions and contractual requirements, in order to obtain the acceptance of the equipment by the customer
  • Management of claims in cooperation with the project leader
  • Collect and assure the communication of all necessary data in order to ensure an efficient Rex for the project (e.g. registers, consumptions, capacities...), including all modified drawings, documents, WebService and software
  • Computes, communique of key KPI to project management (Advancement rate, MTBF, security result, etc.)
  • Keeps up to date the punch list, sets the assignments to the site team the resolutive actions
  • Tracks, controls and updates the schedule; optionally adapts if necessary
  • Sets the performance test schedule according to the contracts
  • Drafts the communication of the site report to the project teams and the Manager of the site activities
  • Prepares the schedule of the supervisors ' attendance on the site to be co-operation with the Manager of the site's active load on the site.
  • Assigns specific tasks to the site team
  • Follows the correct realization of timesheets, connection sheets, ANR, etc and their communication to the client and the project team.
  • Participates in the coordination meetings with the client and animates meetings within the team of our client.
  • Promotes actively security on site for our client staff, sub-contractors' customer's staff
  • Participate in the security meetings organized by the client
  • Show instructions in case of an accident, evacuation, fire including emergency numbers and list of first responders on the site
  • Ensure the safe welcome of any newcomer on site
  • Carry out prior to any on-site activity by sub-contractors, prior inspection
  • Conduct a safety-environment inspection per month at least

Requirements for the Site Manager Position:

  • Bachelor in Engineering (Site Manager relevant);
  • Master in Electric Engineering
  • VCA certification;
  • At least 3 years of experience;
  • Know how to write a schedule and read a plan;
  • Mastery of business-specific tools (measurement tool and planning management software);
  • Experience in managing a multinational team;
  • Knowledge of facilities and their usefulness;
  • Knowledge of AutoCAD program and Office suite;
  • International mobility;
  • Autonomous within the perimeter of its function;
  • Dynamic;
  • Good communication with customers;
  • Coaching a team;
  • Flexible;
  • Good team spirit;
  • Method and rigour.

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