Job Detail: Software Development Manager | Sintra, Portugal

Software Development Manager | Sintra, Portugal

Software Developer Development Manager
  • Full-time
  • Senior
  • Sintra, Portugal
  • English
  • 2020-01-17

Cross Border Talents is recruiting a Software Development Manager to join one of our Clients in Sintra, Portugal.


Our client's company is an operating system and integrated development platform for autonomous logistics vehicles, collaborative robot arms and peripheral sensors and actuators. Clients are primarily software developers.



  1. Manage a team of 20-30 highly skilled robotics software developers;
  2. Availability for full-time commitment 30 min driving distance from Linho;
  3. Plan development timeline according to requirements from various stakeholders;
  4. Work with Jira/Confluence in hybrid agile waterfall;
  5. Ensure technical milestones are agreed by dev, marketing, sales and management;
  6. Deliver mission-critical products on time and budget;
  7. Deliver weekly progress reports to management;
  8. Spend part of the time in Python/C coding and code review;
  9. Implement advanced control methods for autonomous robots using ROS, algorithms for vision, localization,
    navigation, grasping and learning;
  10. Hardware/Software integration - Integrate robotics with associated peripherals, controllers or other equipment;
  11. Implement QA methodologies involving software running continuously on real robots;
  12. Code style / Code documentation and managing an impeccable User manual;
  13. Take part in Patents registration;
  14. Interview and recruit developers continuously.



  • Experience as a team manager of at least 15 people over the last 3 years, with direct reporting to CEO or CTO.
  • MUST have strong Python or C++ knowledge, advanced Linux, bonus: React UI.
  • Algorithm optimization.
  • OOP and EDP.
  • QA tools, Unit, Regression testing.
  • SCRUM, Agile, Waterfall, IRA.
  • Experience in the delivery of projects under short-term schedules and addressing clients’ needs.
  • Experience in updating versions at clients’ sites.
  • Experience in working with real-time systems, networking, data acquisition, motor control, variety of sensors, numerical methods and knowledge of algorithms in vision and optimization.
  • Masters / PhD in computer science / electrical engineering / robotics.
  • Relevant industries: cars, medical devices, industrial automation.
  • All communication in the company and outside in English.
  • Be able to work under the stress of deadlines and demanding stakeholders.
  • Be able to engage with international software developer clients.



  • Highly motivated multidisciplinary team.
  • Competitive full-time payment negotiable based on experience;
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth, learn and develop;




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